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    optimizing methodology

    We help to optimize all the resources at hand to produce the most comprehensive, insightful and true presentation within your budget with realistic on-time delivery.


    capturing the truth in all situation

    Focus groups, secure live streaming, in-home ethnographies, peer groups, IDI's, company promos- you name it, we execute it with high technical knowledge and no frills attitude.


    exceeding expectations

    With a team dedicated to Post-Production, graphics and music creation, we guarantee to provide the highest quality results on time and on budget.




    in-home ethnography

    filming and moderating

    insights montage

    music, graphics and b-roll

    lots of b-roll

    focus groups

    filming, editing, secure live streaming


    expert interviews

    moderating, filming, editing

    international field work

    navigating, producing, interviewing


    companies, products, services, concepts...

    street interviews

    video journalism style

  • Clients said...

    Alison Hillhouse, VP, Youth Culture & Trends at MTV

    "Nora has been an amazing partner for MTV in video ethnography work with teens. Her video work is superb, and she’s very flexible - she has worked for us in non–traditional settings such as homes and party busses with teens. She “gets” youth and pop culture so knows what to look for and how to edit clips that convey the right insights."

    Robin Hafitz, Founder & CEO of Open Mind Strategies

    "Research video is the secret weapon of a successful presentation and that is why we turn to Nora again and again. She is more than just a great videographer. She's also a valued member of our team that brings an open mind and keen instinct to the table, helping us "crack the code" and go deep with consumers. I highly recommend her for those looking for both professionalism and artistry in research video."

    Adina Daar, Director of Research at Sachs Insights

    "I’ve worked with Nora on international projects in Australia and Canada. I have been very impressed by her ability to capture beautiful videos alongside consistent live-streaming services – all while navigating the often unpredictable and unexpected logistics that come with global work. She is pro on every level and a great partner to work with."

    Jesse Caesar, Founder of Jesse Caesar Consulting

    "Nora is a master storyteller and my preferred partner in videography. Not only is her filmmaking and editing technically excellent, her output demonstrates a firm grasp of study objectives. I can always count on her videos to help me deliver insights with deeper impact.​"

  • Nora Gala, Founder of GalaVideos

    Originally from Budapest, Nora Gala came to New York with a dream of becoming a video journalist. She worked in news until 2006 when she got her first qualitative research assignment and she fell in love with the field. After a few years learning about the industry's needs and wants, she created GalaVideos with a team of production professionals to produce, shoot and edit true and insightful content and make it easy for agency clients to use a one stop shop for all their production needs.

    Through her innate inquisitiveness, her genuine love of people, and expertise gained from experience, she and her team reliably capture truthful, "aha" moments and work them into clear and impactful videos.

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